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Whether you're looking for a mechanical force gauge or a tension dynamometer, you can count on us to have the equipment you need. At R.D. Jacobs Company, we draw on decades of experience to provide expertly crafted force measurement tools, that are sure to get the job done. 

The tools we offer are all crafted from the highest quality materials so that you know you are always achieving accurate force measurements. We primarily provide products from Dillon, who manufacture some of the industry’s best dynamometers. Their equipment is designed to be used in a variety of applications, allowing for high precision and accuracy on every test. When you take a force or weight measurement using a Dillon product, you know that you are getting the best results possible. To learn more about these high-end measuring devices, reach out to our office.

Complete Equipment Services

Keeping your equipment in pristine condition helps to ensure that you are always receiving accurate readings and test results. That’s why at our company we offer complete services for all your brand-name dynamometers. This includes repairing any damage to your tools as well as provide accurate calibration to certify their precision. By having our team take care of your equipment, you know that you will be able to consistently take precise reading for your specific force measurement application. So when you have a force gauge, crane scale, or force measurement device that is no longer giving an accurate reading, trust our team to recalibrate it.

About Us

R.D. Jacobs Company is a leading specialist of force measurement equipment and an authorized distributor of Dillon Force Measurement Products and Systems. Made from only the highest quality materials and built to last, Dillon equipment offers customers an unbeatable combination of accuracy and simplicity. And when you shop with us, you'll always get the tools you need at a price that fits your budget.

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