Our Force Control Switches

Mechanically actuated force control switches protect cranes, hoists and other lifting machinery against weight or force overload as well as slack load. The overload switches are force or weight sensing devices although they have no indicator as part of their system. Instead they shut off power when they register an overload condition, or they activate alarm lights, buzzers or klaxons to warn of impending overload.


Dillon load limit Dyna-Switches are the economical answer to process control weighing, automation and overload applications where electrical circuits need to be activated proportional to load. Capacities from 100 lb. to 50,000 lb. are available with one to four control switches infinitely adjustable over the entire range.


  • Flexible Application - The force beam sensing devices, which are the core of the Dyna-Switch, measure either tension or compression force.
  • Multitask Instruments - Each force beam can accommodate from one to four switches. Each switch can have a different load setting. One Dyna-Switch can be set to operate up to four different switching functions or combinations including slack line detection.
  • Automation Controls - The Dillon Dyna-Switch also works as a straight weighing device used to automate processes.
  • Custom Setting - Dyna-Switches arrive with switches set to your specifications.
  • Safe - Dyna-Switch force beams and attachments have a 5:1 Ultimate Safety Factor (4.5:1 on metric models).


(Contact your local distributor or the factory for detailed information)

  • Low Differential Travel Switch - 100 to 5,000-lb. Beams
  • Weatherproof Low Differential Travel Switch - 2- to 50,000-lb. Beams
  • Explosion-Proof Switch - 2,000 to 50,000-lb. Beams
  • Weatherproof Low Differential Travel Switch - 100 to 5000-lb. Beams
  • Rod End Connectors & Lifting Eye - Tension Rigging
  • Hardened Ball & Cup Attachment - Compression Use
  • Non-Swiveling Hook

Dyna Switch Specifications
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