State-of-the-Art Dillon AP Dynamometer

Originally designed to measure the tension on telephone wires, the Dillon AP dynamometer has proven itself to have limitless versatility when it comes to functioning as a tension and weight-measuring instrument. That is why the team at R.D. Jacobs Company is proud to offer this impressive tool to meet all of your force measurement needs, including such diverse jobs as:

  • Aircraft Engine Removal as Part of a Boot-Strap Assembly
  • Line Sagging & Erecting
  • On-Board Load Testing Cranes/Davits/Lifeboats
  • Tensioning of Flare Stack Guy Wires
  • Safe Lifting & Tension Monitoring
  • Erecting & Monitoring Stage Rigging
  • Installation & Maintenance of Overhead High Voltage Electrical Lines (OHEL)
  • Installation & Tension Monitoring of Large Glass Installations & Tension Wires
  • Cable Pulling Applications
  • Logging Applications
  • Zip Wire Tensioning
  • Highway Recovery Vehicle Applications
  • Tugboat Applications
Dillon AP Dynamometer

Why Choose Dillon for Your AP Dynamometer Needs?

Why are we so proud to offer you Dillon AP dynamometers? It is because they are the leaders in the industry thanks to the sturdy design, top-grade components, and premium coatings of their instruments. Even in the most severe environments and applications, Dillon’s AP dynamometers have proven irreplaceable.

As the premier force in measurement tools, our team is dedicated to delivering only the best products to our customers, and—along with industrial contractors from across the globe—we recognize the quality and functionality Dillon brings to all of their products. Contact us today to learn more about the force measurement tools we offer.


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