RD-65 Remote Display

The Dillon RD-65 is a highly durable remote display equipped with a powder coated mild steel enclosure (IP65), wall mount swivel bracket, or easy-to-install hanging rings. For added convenience, this model even includes an adjustable sun visor.

RD-65 Features

  • Display - Double row ultra-bright large 5", 6 Digit LED Display visible up to 150'
    Displays up to 999,999 or down to -99,999
  • Annunciator - kg, lb., G (gross), N (net)
RD-65 Indicators Software
  • Highly Durable - Powder coated mild steel enclosure (IP65) with wall mount swivel bracket or easy to install hanging rings. Adjustable sun visor included.
  • Serial Port - RS-232, RS-485 or current loop with selection to five protocols, three data formats and 8 types of baud rates.

RD-65 Specifications

  • Enclosure:Powder Coated, Mild SteelNon Glare Lens
  • Display Type: 127 mm (5") 7-Segment LED Display
  • Annunciators: KG., LB., G (gross), N (net)
  • Display Characters: 999,999 to -99,999
  • Communication Interface: Serial Cable Length 10 m (32')
  • Serial Port: RS-232, RS-485 or Current Loop
  • Data Format: 8N1, 7E1 or 7O1
  • Baud Rate: 110, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 or 19200
Five Usable Input Protocols
  • Input: 120VAC 60Hz
  • Transformer Output: 24VAC, 2 Amp (UL, Waterproof)
  • Current Draw: <1500mA
  • Fused: 2.0 amp
  • Shipping Specifications: Weight: 20 kg (45 lb.)
  • Package Dimensions: 464 mm x 448 mm x 999 mm (39.3" x 18.3" x 17.6")
  • Warranty: One Year from Shipment
  • Product Code: 816965004638 

RS-232 Software Utilities

Wedgelink captures Dillon instrument readings and sends them transparently to your application or directly to a file, so your application accepts the data as if it were manually entered from the keyboard. With this system, all you need to do to begin collecting data is turn on your computer, which saves you countless hours of tedious data entry

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RD-232 Indicators Software