EDXtreme Dynamometer

Go Heavy-Duty with the Dillon EDXtreme Dynamometer

Make R.D. Jacobs Company your preferred choice when looking for a Dillon EDXtreme dynamometer. This durable, versatile, and accurate modular dynamometer can be used as a hanging scale or the hub of a complex weighing system. As a force measurement tool, it lets you wirelessly control multiple dynamometers in one workspace. Key features of Dillon EDXtreme dynamometers include:

  • Extended Battery Life
  • 300-600’ Radio Communication Distance
  • High-Speed Peak Capture
  • Brilliant Backlighting
  • Date and Time Settings
  • Continuous Data Storage
  • Recalibration Reminder
  • Multiple Communicators
  • Faster RF Connectivity
  • Optional Communicator

Why Industries Trust EDXtreme

The Dillon EDXtreme dynamometer is specially built to withstand heavy-duty applications. In addition, its highly user-friendly interface makes operation dependable and hassle-free for all industries. Other standout features include:

  • Corrosion Resistance  Dillon’s high-capacity models are made with nickel-plated alloy steel, while their lower-capacity models contain anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum.
edxtreme dynamometer & dillon communicator hand alarm
  • 5:1 Factor of Safety – The EDXtreme dynamometer underwent meticulous computer testing to ensure it is a low-stress tool built to last.
  • Retained Hardware – Centering spacers can be attached to minimize fumbling during high-capacity rigging.
  • NEMA 4X/IP55 – The Dillon EDXtreme dynamometer can be used at any job site since it has built-in protection against dirt, dust, non-corrosive liquids, and water.
  • Extreme Accuracy of 0.1% – This force measurement tool provides accurate, repeatable ratings. It is carefully designed with an enhanced high-resolution mode of one part in 5000.
  • Exclusive SOFTKEY Interface – This interface is enabled for quick setup, simple operation, and reading in lbf, kgf, and Newtons. It also has programmable functions that can make corrections for gravitational variations while allowing custom units of measurement.
  • Wide-Angle LCD – Say goodbye to straining your eyes to see the tool’s readings. The Dillon EDXtreme dynamometer has a wider viewing angle for enhanced readability and has backlighting for low-light conditions.
  • Battery Operation – The EDXtreme dynamometer uses two C-cell batteries for accessibility and easy replacement.
  • Wireless Communication – Its communication function is powered by a 2.4Ghz radio frequency, so it maintains a stable connection even in unstable conditions.

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