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The EDjunior Crane Scale

When you’re looking for impressive value and ease of use, the EDjunior crane scale is your best bet. This intuitive force measurement tool is trusted by professionals in a wide range of industries and environments for its ability to deliver accurate measurements of both weight and force. You’re sure to be impressed by its longevity, accuracy, reliability, and safety features.


  • Measurement Capabilities – Provides peak detection measurements and load readings in lbf, kgf, and Newtons
  • Accuracy – Offers an accuracy of 0.2%.
  • Resolution – Displays readings with a resolution of one part in 1000.
  • Control Interface – Uses our proprietary SOFTKEY interface (six-digit, dot-matrix numeral display) for a simplified user experience.
  • High Strength, Low Weight – Offers a 7:1 safety factor with an angled body, thereby preventing mishandling and binding mishaps.
  • Battery Operation – Uses two C-cell batteries and offers 200 hours of operating life per replacement.
  • NEMA4/IP65 – Repels dust, dirt, water, and noncorrosive liquids, making it ideal for a wide range of job sites.
EDJunior Crane Scales - Fort Lauderdale, FL


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